Confederated Tribes Tribal Employment Rights Office announced, May 10, it will suspend Title 10 Certification status for all companies who failed to provide their annual report to TERO as required under the Title 10-3-5 Certfication Procedures.

“Every end of January, the code requires all Title 10 Certified Firms to update their files with TERO,” said John MacClain. “We have been working with all of the business owners diligently to get our files current and in full compliance.”

Firms that have not complied with the requirement will be sent a certified letter related to the Title 10 suspension of certification, said MacClain.

Currently certified firms include: Alex Medina-McCragie; Allen Construction & Development Inc.; Bear Spa Bodywork & Massage; Ben Covington; Caribou Trail Pest Control; Cates & Erb, Inc.; Chief Yard Works; Don Kruse Electric, Inc.; Elite Excavation; Ferguson Forest Services; Hammond Supplies LLC; Innes Wood Products; Lone Rock Contracting; Mel’s Trucking; Moomaw Drilling; Moyer Construction; Nanamkin Contracting and Services; Native Engines; PNW Environmental Solutions Corp.; RamiREZ; Richters Blue Eagle Trucking; Sal’s Plumbing LLC; San Poil Logging; Scotch Creek Construction; St. Clair Construction; Stensgar Logging.

TERO encourages all those firms currently not listed to contact their office.


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