A hatchery raised trout.

Some of the most popular lakes on the Colville Indian Reservation are being stocked this month with thousands of trout and that’s good news for anglers. The fish vary in size from 2 to 8 pounds.

“We are releasing between 8,000 to 10,000 triploid rainbow trout at Rufus Woods Lake in March that are about two pounds each,” said Jill Phillips, hatchery manager. “Approximately 20 percent of these fish will be tagged so that we can evaluate catch and release rates from this group.” 

Anglers that retain tagged fish are encouraged to contact CTFW and provide tag number and information related to the catch (i.e. date, location, length, and the approx. size) or go online to www. cctfwfishtags.com/report-a-tag.

An additional 37,000 triploid rainbow trout at an average size of two pounds will be released into Rufus Woods and will occur prior to spring runoff.

Fisheries staff would like to remind anglers that the current rainbow trout (triploid) state record of 29.6 pounds came from Rufus Woods Lake.

Both North and South Twin Lakes will soon be stocked with 15,000 to 16,000 triploid rainbow trout and 1,500 “jumbo” rainbow trout averaging 5 to 8 pounds. “These trout are exciting to catch and really boost the fishery,” said Phillips. “There are not many lakes in the state that provide anglers an opportunity to catch large rainbow trout or largemouth bass that could tip the scale over five pounds.”

Colville tribal members fishing on the reservation must possess a Colville tribal identification card which is a legal permit to fish. All non-members who are fishing on select Interior Waters of the reservation must have a valid Colville Indian Reservation fishing permit in their possession. For more information or to buy a fishing permit, go online to https://www.cct-fnw. com/regulations-permits/. For 2019 stocking plan go to https://www.cctfnw.com/trout-hatchery-1/.

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