NESPELEM, WA – The Colville Tribes today imposed a curfew in the Inchelium District. The curfew is active each day between the hours of 9:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m.. During this time, all residents of the Reservation, and visitors to the Reservation, must remain indoors. Travel is allowed only if essential, such as to or from a verifiable place of employment or to seek urgent medical attention.

The curfew is active immediately and it will remain in place until further notice. Those who violate the curfew may be cited or prosecuted pursuant to the Colville Tribal Code.

The Chairman of the Colville Tribes, Rodney Cawston, said, “The Inchelium District is currently experiencing a severe outbreak of COVID-19 infections. The Reservation currently has 60 active cases of people suffering from diagnosed COVID-19. Of those active cases, 47 of them are in Inchelium. There are an additional 42 people in preventative quarantine across the Reservation, and 36 of those quarantine cases are in Inchelium. It is absolutely necessary to take additional measures at this time to preserve the peace, health, safety, and welfare of the Reservation and all surrounding communities.”

Chairman Cawston continued, “The Proclamation of the Colville Tribes which closed the Reservation continues to remain in full effect. This curfew is intended to minimize in-person interactions, which is the primary way the virus spreads. All persons should practice all of the other safety measures the Tribes have implemented since the start of this pandemic, which include social distancing, mask wearing when you are outdoors or in the presence of others, and hand washing. We all must sacrifice in this time of pandemic to protect ourselves and others.”

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