(Nespelem, WA) — The Colville Business Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2021-653, which states the official position of the Colville Tribes regarding the potential redrawing of legislative and congressional districts by the Washington State Redistricting Commission. 

The resolution states that the Colville Tribes does not want the Redistricting Commission to redraw the state legislative or congressional districts within the Colville Reservation or modify them to affect the political representation of the Colville Tribes’ trust lands in Chelan County. To the extent that the boundaries of any of these districts must be enlarged or diminished because of population shifts, the Colville Tribes has requested that the Redistricting Commission make any such changes in geographic areas outside of the Colville Reservation and in accordance with the resolution. 

Colville Business Council Chairman Andy Joseph, Jr., said that enactment of the resolution was necessary to formalize the Tribes’ position for the Redistricting Commission and to ensure that the Tribes’ position was not mischaracterized or confused by third parties or in the media. 

“The Tribes work with elected officials in both parties to address needs related to the pandemic, wildfires, broadband connectivity, and other issues critical to our tribal communities,” Joseph said. “Being a constituent of multiple congressional and state representatives means that the Colville Tribes is a stronger position to advance these issues, while consolidating districts on reservation lands and having less representation would leave us with fewer champions to call upon.” 

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