The Smokey Bear sign stands surrounded by black at the Nespelem Agency, today.

Keller, WA – On July 12, 2021 a thunderstorm entered the Colville Indian Reservation causing the most damage in the central portion of the reservation. According to the Spokane National Weather Service approximately 60 cloud to ground lightning strikes were reported. All five fires were caused by a lightning. Earlier today, a reconnaissance flight over the fires took place to help determine the path of the lightning and search for any new fire starts. Once this information become available we will start fighting the fires from the air. 

Evacuations have been issued please be aware of the definitions below: 

Level 3 means “GO - Danger in your area is imminent and life threatening.” 

Level 2 means “SET – Be Alert. There is significant danger to your area. Consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. 

Level 1 means ALERT “READY”. Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area, and monitor local media outlets for information. 


Chuweah Creek/Joe Moses Fires have burnt approximately 10,000 acres and the containment remains at zero. This wind driven fire is fueled by tall grass, sage brush and timber. Seven Structures (four unoccupied and three occupied) and seven outbuildings were burnt. Several livestock, horses and wildlife Sercombe to the fire or were severely injured and had to by euthanized. The fire damaged CenturyLink telephone equipment in the Nespelem area causing a telephone outage for the Town of Nespelem, the Colville Indian Agency including Tribal Police and Mt Tolman Fire Center. Resources from Department of Natural Resources (DNR) arrived this morning and have boots on the ground. The Type 2 Incident Management Team is expected to arrive by 8 pm this evening for an in brief with local fire agencies. The Incident Command Post (ICP) will be located at the Keller Community Center. 

Resources: 1-IC3, 3-TFLD, 3-Dozer, Type 2 hand crew, 11-Type 6 Engines, 2-Water Tenders. Colville Tribal Police and Natural Resource Officers are notifying residents of evacuations and road closures. 

Level 3 evacuations remain in place for residents at Owhi Flats along Cache Creek Road, Town of Nespelem and Colville Indian Agency. The Evacuation Center is located at the Lake 

Roosevelt High School Gymnasium, Coulee Dam, WA. Residences of the Colville Tribal Convalescence Center were evacuated to the Coulee House, Coulee Dam, WA. 

Level 2 evacuations for residents along Joe Moses Road 

Level 1 evacuation for residents at Buffalo Lake and McGinnis Lake 

Road closure includes: 

 Buffalo Lake Road at the Colville Indian Agency to the Buffalo Lake Access Road. 


Keno Fire is located northeast of Keller, WA. The top of the fire is completely lined and is 25 – 30 acres in size. 

Inchelium, WA – 

Frosty Meadows / Friedlander Fire was renamed to Wells/Gold Mountain Fire. This fire is located within the Inchelium District. This fire has burnt.5 acres and is within containment lines. 

Resources: 1 type 6 engines. 

Summit Trail Fire is 10 – 15 acres in size and is burning toward the old Bridge Creek Fire burn scar area. 

Resources: 1-IC Type 4, 1-Type 6 Engine, 1-Type 1 Rotor 

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