Firefighters made excellent progress on all sides of the fire yesterday. Crews and engines performing mop up (searching for hotspots to extinguish) in the southern portion of the fire found numerous small hotspots which they extinguished. They reported that the only significant amount of smoke in the area was coming for the recycling center. Today, Colville Tribes EMS Fire and Rescue (CCT EMS) firefighters plan to work throughout the day, applying water to the large mounds of smoldering cardboard at the site. Firefighters will be patrolling and monitoring the area.

The fire continues to smolder and creep around in the heavy litter under pine and shrub dominated upper slopes on the northern portion of the fire. Crews and engines are focusing mop up efforts on these areas now.

A weak cold front moved in from the south this morning bringing warm, dry, windy conditions to the area for the next few days. Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees, while humidity will likely drop to ten percent. Winds may gust up to 25 miles per hour.  These conditions could lead to extreme fire behavior if fires ignite in areas of unburned fuels or escape containment lines.  There is a 20% chance of lightning beginning Wednesday at midnight, throughFriday.

Yesterday a strike team of engines (five engines and a Strike Team Leader) and a bulldozer were pulled off the fire line and dispatched to support CCT EMS on a fire in Nespelem. Local firefighters were able to rapidly contain the blaze and the crew and bulldozer returned to continue their mop up work.

Fire traffic continues to be heavy throughout the Nespelem area. Additionally, all previous road construction work in the area has resumed. Anyone travelling in the vicinity of the fire should use extra caution and avoid traveling in the area if possible.

Due to heavy fire traffic, the following roads are closed except for essential travel by local residents and businesses:

-    The Columbia River Road from Omak, WA, to Nespelem, WA, (Hwy 155).

All of Schoolhouse Loop Road.

Fire at a Glance

Size: 5,146 acres

Containment: 64%

Location: 2 miles west of the Colville Indian Agency, along Columbia River Road to Highway 155, Nespelem, WA

Cause: Unknown

Total Assigned Personnel: 356 Assigned Resources:

Dozers – 4

Type 1 Crews - 2

Type 2 Crews – 8

Engines – 13 Water Tenders - 2

Type 2 Helicopters – 1

Type 3 Helicopters – 1


Schoolhouse Loop Road is closed. Columbia River Road is closed from Omak, WA, to Colville Indian Agency, Nespelem, WA.


(509) 634-2217

Staffed 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM 


Facebook: Environmental Trust

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