NESPELEM - The Colville Tribal Police Department issued a statement, today, reporting drones flying in and near the Chuweah Creek Fire and the Summit Fire currently burning on the Colville Indian Reservation.

The statement from CTFPD reads, "On 7/18/21 Law Enforcement was notified about a drone flying in close proximity to aircraft working the Chuweah Fire. Similar reports have come in about drones being seen on the Summit Lake Fire. The caller stated the drone had about 4-foot sloped wings and appeared to be trying to keep up with the lead plane. Because of the size of the drone it is suspected it may be a commercial drone and not one personally owned."

The release further states that temporary flight restrictions are placed around all wild fires and use of drones is prohibited.

Any with information regarding drone usage around the Chuweah Creek and Summit fires should call Colville Tribal Police at 1-800-551-5800.

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