A trout pulled from Owhi Lake.

NESPELEM - Colville tribal members still have time to participate in the Owhi Lake Reward program as only a small number of tagged fish have been caught.

Fisheries staff from the Colville Tribes’ Fish and Wildlife Department captured, tagged, and released over 120 tagged brook trout into the lake and if you catch one of these fish, you can win a cash prize ranging from $10 - $100. 

Anglers can turn in their tags at the locked box located near the boat ramp at the southwest end of the lake, or at the front desk of the Government Center in Nespelem, or at the locked box in front of the Fish and Wildlife office in Inchelium. Anglers may also text or email a clear picture of the tag and completed form to 509.634.1705 or to bryan.jones@colvilletribes.com.  A visa gift card will be mailed to you within 4 -6 weeks of receiving the information. 

  • Anglers must completely fill out the catch form. 
  • Tags must be placed in a zip lock bag with the completed form.
  • Participants will receive the dollar amount listed on each tag.
  • All participants must be 17 years or older to receive the reward.
  • Fish tags must be in good condition and clearly identifiable. 
  • Must possess a Colville tribal identification card which is a legal permit to fish.

“We’re conducting this reward fishery to engage the tribal membership in helping to reduce an overpopulation of brook trout in Owhi Lake down to more desirable numbers,” said Bryan Jones, fish biologist for CTFW.  “Recent surveys have shown that there are a lot of fish in the lake while average size has decreased slightly. We’re trying to be proactive and improve these trends and improve the fishery, and this is one of the tools that we’re trying to use.”

If you have any questions about the reward program, call Bryan Jones at 509.634.1705 or Cameron Eddy at 509.634.1438.  

Good luck to all the participating anglers!


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