Today is the final day that the Northwest Incident Management Team 6 will be directing operations for the Greenhouse Fire. Command will be transferred from this Type 2 team to Mt. Tolman Fire at 6:00 a.m. on Friday, July 31st.

Crews were able to perform mop up over sizable portions of the fire area. The occasional gust of wind sent dust or ash into the air creating plumes that would dissipate as they blew over the terrain.

Efforts today will focus on continued mop up, patrol, and removing signs and trash from the line. On the northern section of the fire area, crews will be breaking down berms the bulldozers made when creating line to contain the Greenhouse Fire.

Warm, dry, windy conditions are expected today. Temperatures are predicted to be between 102 to 104 degrees, with humidity near eleven percent. Wind gusts could be over 20 miles per hour. A chance of lightning will increase tonight through tomorrow, with little chance of accompanying rain. Road construction on Schoolhouse Loop Road and Columbia

River Road has resumed. Fire personnel will continue using these roads as needed. Avoid traveling in the area if possible. The following roads are closed except for essential travel by local residents and businesses:

- The Columbia River Road from Omak, WA, to Nespelem, WA, (Hwy 155).

- All of Schoolhouse Loop Road.

The transfer station and recycle center remain closed at this time. Smoke from smoldering yard debris may be visible.

During the incident strong collaboration occurred to protect fire personnel and local communities regarding COVID-19. Remember to watch your distance (6 ft. or more), wash your hands and wear a mask to help prevent the spread of this disease.

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