NESPELEM - The Colville Tribal Fish and Wildlife Department has announced changes to the 2020 archery proficiency testing due to COVID-19, today.

The testing will be held in each district. The first opportunity will be May 9 near the Mount Tolman Fire Center. Testing will occur in Inchelium, May 30, in Omak May 16 and in Nespelem June 30.

Full schedules and times can be found on the second page of the CTFW release, found here.

The release from CTFW notes these changes:

Archers who successfully passed the proficiency test in 2019 will not be required to test in 2020. This change reduces the chance of spread between individuals by reducing the number of people gathering at test locations. If an archer tested and failed the test in 2019, they will be required to test in 2020. 

Using 15 minute time slots, testing will take place on one Saturday per district for up to 4 hours. While this is the same number of test dates offered in 2019, this will ensure Tribal Members who need to test will have the opportunity to test in their district and keeping the testing to one per district will also minimize the chance of spread of COVID-19. 

Testers will be required to contact the F&W personnel and schedule one of the available testing slots by Friday at 1 pm on the day prior to the test. Contact can occur through either phone or email to schedule a shoot on the 15 minute schedule. This will limit the number of individuals who gather at the test location and wait to test. If testing appointment is missed, the archer will need to re-schedule for another test date. 

Shooters and F&W Personnel will adhere to social distancing guidelines. Additionally, we are requiring that anyone who accompanies a shooter must remain in their vehicles (unless to help a child with shooting/pulling arrows) to adhere to social distancing guidelines being implemented throughout the testing process. This reduces the chance of virus transmission. 

Archers will not fill out their own test forms: F&W personnel will complete information on the forms for the archer. The archer will need to bring a form of identification and present it to a tester through vehicle glass or after sanitizing. This reduces virus transmission by reducing handling of pens, paper, etc. 

Practice targets will not be set up: Archers will be expected to come warmed up and prepared to shoot immediately upon arrival to stay on schedule. This reduces the potential for virus transmission by limiting equipment that archers touch. 

Block style targets will be used in place of life sized elk targets: This reduces virus transmission by having a smaller area that needs to be cleaned after each shooter tests. 

Shooters will be required to pull all of their own arrows and clean target after testing: Disinfectant wipes will be available for the shooter to wipe down the target after pulling arrows. This reduces disease transmission and safety of F&W Personnel proctoring the test. 

Masks or face covers will be required: This reduces the chance of virus transmission. 

We suggest that each shooter also bring their own hand sanitizer for their use after they test. 

There may be additional rules posted at the shoot that all people at the shoot must adhere to. 

If possible, please leave all non-shooters at home.

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