COULEE DAM - The Lake Roosevelt Elementary 6th Grade class has issued their 2021 Word of the Year - as a project for their English Language Arts portion of class.

Some of the suggestions:

“Believe. Definition: Someone who has faith or confidence in the existence or worth of something. Reason why: Because it is really nice and good. I just really like the word. It’s helpful and I like to use the word a lot at home when my sister loses her self-confidence, so I say, ‘Come on. You can do it. You have to believe in yourself.’ How I want to use my word…: At home: tell my sister she can believe in herself. At school: I can tell other kids they can believe they can. Personal: I can tell myself, ‘You can do it, believe in yourself.’”

“Different. Definition: Not the same. Reason why: 2021 might be different than 2020.”

“Patience. Definition: Able to or showing the ability to remain calm when dealing with a diffiicult or annoying situation, task or person. Reason why: I feel like sometimes I’m not as patient as I should be or could be. This year I want to work on patience, so I can be a more calm and less annoying person when it comes to waiting. How I want to use my word… at home: At home Im going to try to have more patience with things, my family and more. At school: I’m going to try to have more patience with not only my work, but with other people also. Personal: This year I’m going to try to be more patience with myself. I’m going to try to not pursue myself into learning or doing something.”

“Nice. Definition: Pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory. How I want to use my word... at home: I want to be nice to my family. At school: I want to be nice to people. Personal: I want to be nice to myself.”

“Live. Definition: Have an exciting life or fulfilling life to live. Reason why: Most lifes are exciting and fun. How I want to use my word… at home: Staying with my family as long as i can. At school: Keeping my brother safe. Personal: Keep my family safe.”

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