Inchelium Earth Day, 2021.

April 22, couldn’t have been a more beautiful day to celebrate Earth Day.

This is the 23rd year lnchelium School and Community has honored our Earth. Kindergarten thru sixth graders walked around town picking up trash and recyclables and the outskirts of town was done by community members and forestry. 

The cooks then kicked things off with a BBQ. Students, parents and volunteers armed with gloves and vests took to the streets of our town .. .it looks great!!! 

An assembly was held at the football field for the poster contest winners and Root Beer floats served.

Three students gathered plastic bottles all year round! Jayme Boyd, Dice and Kylee Andrews. They each collected 19 bags of plastic, the biggest enemy to our planet. Awesome job! 



1st Clayton

2nd James

3rd Katie

First Grade

1st Jaelee

2nd Royel

3rd Nylah


1st Simiah

2nd Shelana

3rd Emily

Third Grade

1st Nala

2nd Isabella

3rd Chasity


1st Amani

2nd Sinnae

3rd Mateeka & Shantara

4th Jerred & Kacyn

Most cans & 7 bags of trash


1st Derek

2nd Patrick

3rd Coleestah & Sharelle

On Wednesday the 28th the middle school and high school were out doing beautification projects in the community and all who helped received a T-shirt. 

Poster Winners 

Lelah Mason - First Place ih grade 

Forest Royal - Second Place ih grade 

Rachel Meusy - First Place 8th grade 

Many Thanks to all the volunteers, Albert and Gale Seymour, Forestry, Tonya Hoffman, Denice Seeley, Gail Delacruz, Janet Judd (who has volunteered a/123 years of lnchelium Earth Day), the Signor Family, and all others who participated. 

Special award, given to Gail Delacruz, who has picked up litter/trash along our community roads. Our Earth Day “Volunteer of the Year”. You’ve probably seen her little Yellow car parked alongside the road and garbage bags tied up waiting to be picked up by a kind soul passing by. Gail has been picking up litter for the past couple of years in our community. Thank you, Gail, we appreciate it. 

The Native American Pow-wow Committee has partnered with Earth Day committee to encourage the awareness of taking care of our Earth and Community. They NAPWC donated 100 T-shirts to all participants of Earth Day. This was the first year lnchelium had T-shirts. 

Thank you. 

Teresa Shaffer, Pam Phillips, Juanita Warren, ED Committee

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