2019 CBC Primary Election Results

NESPELEM – The Colville Business Council Primary Election results were broadcast just before 7 p.m. Thursday, after a long day of ballot counting. 

All seven incumbents survived the initial round, which pares down each race to candidates going into the General Election. 

Nespelem District Pos. 2 council member Andy Joseph Jr. trails challenger Jarred Michael Erickson 219-172. That race was the most crowded, however, with eight candidates, so at least 382 additional votes could be divvied up in the General Election if turnout stays consistent. 

Another close race exists in Inchelium, where incumbent Susie Allen moved forward with newcomer Roger Finley. Allen tallied 186 votes, including 153 in absentees, while Finley had 158, leading his fellow candidates at the polls. Jonathan R. Simpson received 89 votes, and a no vote makes a potential of 90 or more that could decide this race. 

An exciting race for the second spot in the No. 2 district of Omak occurred, where Edwin Marchand moved on with 123 votes — 16 more than Ernie A. Williams. Russell Boyd had 92 votes, the most in a potential of at least 243 votes up for grabs in the general. 

Relatively closer votes occurred in Keller’s lone position and Inchelium District Pos. 1. 

Joel Boyd received an Inchelium District high of 170 absentee votes en route to a total of 220, followed by Larry Allen with 144 total votes. The remaining voting pool in this race was 70, which could lead to a very close general election race. 

Keller incumbent Jack Ferguson received 116 votes, including 84 in absentees, followed by Edward J.E. Cohen, who had 60 total votes. At least 39 additional votes could be up for grabs. 

In more distanced races, chairman Rodney Cawston, of Nespelem District Pos. 1, and Norma Sanchez, of Omak District Pos. 1, had an election-high of 241 and 240 absentee votes, respectively. Sanchez also led the polls with 104. 

Cawston totaled 324 votes, which led Charlene Bearcub’s 157. Approximately 240 votes are up for grabs in the next round for this race. 

Sanchez (344) had the most command-ing lead of any candidate, topping former chairman Michael Marchand (131) by more than 200 votes. At least 112 votes could be available in the general. 

General Election polls open on June 22 at 8 a.m. 

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