NESPELEM, WA – The Colville Tribes announces that enumerators (census takers) for the 2020 census will be visiting homes on the Colville Reservation between now and September 30, 2020. The visits are designed to reach every household which has not yet completed their 2020 census form and give every resident an opportunity to participate in the census. 

While the Reservation is closed to non-essential visitors, the census enumerators are deemed essential and are permitted access to the Reservation due to the importance of census participation. 

Rodney Cawston, Chairman of the Colville Tribes, said, “It is imperative that every single tribal member and resident of the Colville Reservation be counted in the census. An accurate and full census count ensures proper funding by the federal government in both regular budget matters and in extraordinary circumstances such as the current pandemic. The count is also essential for fair resource distribution and political representation in state and local government. I encourage everyone to cooperate if you are visited by a census taker. Although the Colville Tribes is one of the largest tribes in the Pacific Northwest, we are almost in last place @35% for our self-response rate for responding to the 2020 census. When filling out the census forms, it is especially important that we identify as American Indian or Alaska Native households and on the race of “Person 1” or the first person listed on the census form. If that person says American Indian or Alaska Native, then the household will be counted as an American Indian or Alaska Native householder.” 

The Census Bureau had initially planned July 31, 2020 as the end date for its counting efforts, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused the deadline to be pushed back to October 31, 2020. Then the Census Bureau announced on August 3, 2020 that it will move the end date for counting again, up a month earlier to September 30, 2020. When you complete your census forms, you can then sign up for the next monthly raffle for 5 x $100.00 and the Grand Prize Raffle that will be held in October of 2020: 

• Go online at 2020CENSUS.GOV 

• Fill out the questionnaire

 • Screenshot the confirmation page and email to a trusted messenger

 • Must select Colville Tribes as your race to enter raffle. 

The deadline to complete the census is SEPTEMBER 30, 2020. 

Justus Caudell writes In the Non-Diegetic. He grew up off-the-grid in Keller, but can now be reached at his office in Nespelem.

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