Notice to the Public:  

In the last week, visitors to Twin Lakes may have noticed a bloom of freshwater jellyfish. This is the first time that these small jellyfish, around the size of a penny, have been documented in our lakes.  They have however been reported in other eastern Washington lakes. While these jellyfish are completely harmless to humans, the Fish and Wildlife Department would like to remind boaters of practices to reduce the spread of invasive species in our waters. All boaters are required to clean off all plant and animal matter from their boats, drain all water from livewells and bilges, and ensure the boat/trailer fully dries before launching at another water body.

These practices are required by law:

(4-1-309) Unlawful Importation of Invasive Aquatic Plant Species

(4-1-310) Unlawful Importation of Invasive Aquatic Animal Species

These codes/laws are in place to stop the spread of invasive species. Also, disposing contents from aquariums into reservation lakes is also prohibited.

In recent years, Twin Lakes has had illegal introductions of Smallmouth Bass, Black Crappie, and now freshwater jellyfish, as well as past introductions of Golden Shiner and invasive crayfish.  Illegal introductions of Walleye have also occurred in Buffalo Lake.  These invasive introductions change the ecosystem where they are introduced impacting native fish populations and other populations of desired fish.  We ask the public to respect the waters of the Colville Reservation and remember to clean, drain, and dry your boats before entering all waters. 

For more information related to the tribal code, go to link below and scroll to page 32 and 33.

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