Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month was established in 1987 when Congress passed Public Law 100-9.  The law requested the President to issue a proclamation annually calling on the American people to celebrate the accomplishments of women through history.  The 2023 proclamation was issued by President Biden on February 28th, 2023.  The proclamation asked the nation to “celebrate the countless women who have fought tirelessly and courageously for equality, justice, and opportunity in our Nation.”  

There are many examples of women with these characteristics in the history of the Colville Tribe.  We also have women that continue to fight for these values today.  In recognition of their contributions and dedication to both the Colville Tribe, and their collective contributions to women’s rights and equality the Colville Business Council would like to recognize all Tribal women and the 653 female tribal employees that contribute to this effort.  In addition Colville Business Council would like to give special recognition to those tribal employees that have dedicated their careers to providing services and improving to our people, culture, and resources. 

This includes 181 women with more than 20 years of service to the Tribe.  The table below recognizes female tribal employees by decades of service.  

50+ years = 2

40+ years = 17

30+ years = 30

20+ years = 132

The Colville Business Council thanks you for all you have done, and continue to do for the benefit of the Tribe, its members, and women’s rights across country.

Sincerely, Jarred Michael Erickson Chairman, Colville Business Council.

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