In April, hatchery staff released yearlings (from brood year 2018) and sub-yearlings (from brood year 2019) from CJH and from the acclimation ponds in Omak and Riverside, Washington.

Staff began marking fish in March and will continue to do so until the end of July. Spring chinook broodstock collection began in May, and staff will continue to monitor and care for the fish fry and broodstock on station. When fry reach their optimal marking size, usually around five grams, they are run through the marking trailer to have a coded wire tag inserted into their snout or their adipose fin clipped or both.

“As of June 10, a total of 1,619,608 fish were tagged and/or clipped,” said CJH Manager Matt McDaniel. “The program that fish belongs to will determine what mark they receive. All fish leaving CJH or associated acclimation ponds will be run through the marking trailer to be marked in some way.”

Staff started collecting spring chinook broodstock on May 18. Their goal is to collect 640 adult fish. As of June 10, there were 222 females, 173 m ales, and 2 jacks onsite.

“We’ll start collecting our summer chinook broodstock beginning July 8 with the goal of 552 hatchery origin broodstock and 656 natural origin broodstock,” said McDaniel. This summer, staff will collect summer chinook broodstock, monitor broodstock on station, and finish clipping and tagging the remaining fry.

Caring for the fry includes: feeding, sampling (measurements/weights), monitoring health, vacuuming ponds, and drug administration.

Fish released from CJH: 

Segregated Spring Chinook BY18 Yearlings – 102,702

Segregated Summer Chinook BY18 Yearlings – 189,967

Segregated Summer Chinook BY19 Sub-Yearlings – 396,433

Fish released from ponds:

Integrated Summer Chinook BY18 Yearlings from Omak – 112,147

Integrated Summer Chinook BY19 Sub-Yearlings from Omak – 169,344

Spring Chinook (10j) BY18 Yearlings from Riverside – 17,315 

Fish fry on station: 

Segregated Spring Chinook BY19 Yearlings – 809,713

Segregated Summer Chinook BY19 Yearlings – 589,941

Integrated Summer Chinook BY19 Yearlings – 760,880

Spring Chinook (10j) BY19 Yearlings – 237,891

Employees of the Month

March: Rahnee Jane

April: Leo Amundson and

Virgil Michel

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