12 Tribes Resort & Casino has been working to convert the existing modern themed nightclub Evolution Lounge to a warm relaxing venue called Loggers Pub.  

“The transformation to a Logger Pub project supports the organization strategically in that it will add value and increased revenue for the Colville Gaming Casinos, which equates to higher distributions to the Colville Tribes,” stated Kary Nichols, CTFC CEO.  

The target market for the 12 Tribes casino is 45-64 age group.  The marketing team sent out a survey to see what our patrons preferred and the results were pub house, sports bar and barbeque joint as the top three selections. “The existing Evolution Lounge service and offerings was not hitting the mark for our preferred target market, therefore; a change was in order,” stated Food and Beverage Director Jessica Hall.  Design concepts began a year ago and the project is near complete. 

Loggers Pub is designed to be a warm and inviting neighborhood pub where friends and family gather, featuring seven TVs placed throughout the venue. The TVs will show a variety of sporting events.

The new Loggers Pub will offer the latest menu favorites paired with the perfect beverage to wash it all down. Get ready to visit this axe-ceptional addition to 12 Tribes Resort Casino. The menu will include comfort food, such as piled high nachos, sliders and pizza options. Menu items are best paired with all the greatness the Pacific Northwest has to offer as the epicenter for craft breweries and wineries. Local vendors and distributors will incorporate favorites such as Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Republic Brewing Companies and Hard Row to Hoe Winery.

The new venue will open mid-November with a soft opening.

Next stages will include all guests with a grand opening event.  So, come down and get your game on and try the new Loggers PUB and be a part of the #BREWCREW.

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