An Amazon package after opening.

NESPELEM – Buying items just got a little easier for Programs of the Colville Confederated Tribes, who now have access to the world's largest online retailer through an Amazon Business account.

Upon sign up with the Purchasing Program, tribal programs can add items to their carts, complete a requisition and have the items shipped here locally.

"We're excited to provide this service to help our tribe improve the purchasing process with new options," Purchasing manager Dorthey Zacherle said. 

The process began five months ago when Purchasing Agent Senior Desiree Clark submitted an application for an Amazon Business account. Over the course of that time, the tribe has conducted trials to ensure its feasibility.

" We wanted to go with one or two people per program to start," Clark said. " How would we invoice?, now it's all paid by invoice, how (the Colville Tribe's Accounts Payable department) wanted.."

"We did have a few demos," she added, and "that was nice for AP; they could actually see what it would look like."

Overall, Clark says Amazon's bigger listing and better pricing is going to benefit the tribe.

In an email May 30, the tribe's Purchasing Program announced the news, how programs can sign up. So far we have over 88 programs signed up. 

"You will now have access to features that today you don't have on your consumer accounts, including free shipping benefits on qualifying orders, pricing and quantity discounts, and dedicated business customer service."

The release cautioned "it is critical to our spend initiative that all purchases are directed through Amazon Business and not a personal Amazon Account moving forward. This will provide you with the best shopping experience across hundreds of millions of products in one place."

For more information contact Desiree Clark at

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