NESPELEM — Zachary E. Love has been disbarred as a Spokesperson in Colville Tribal Court. Mr. Love was found to have repeatedly and aggressively misrepresented himself as attorney, when he is in fact not an attorney. He also engaged in behavior which was unprofessional, at best, and cannot be tolerated in a Spokesperson in Tribal Court. By so doing, Mr. Love failed to maintain at all times the respect due the Tribal Court and its officers, failed to employ only such means as are consistent with truth and honor, failed to never seek to mislead a judge by any false statement, and failed to abstain from all offensive conduct in Tribal Court.

The Chief Judge of the Colville Tribal Court, Steve Aycock, filed a formal Complaint against Mr. Love on June 8, 2021, which alleged that Mr. Love should be disbarred as a consequence for multiple violations of the Spokesman’s Oath. The Spokesman’s Oath is established in Colville Tribal Code and establishes ethical standards of conduct for all Spokespersons in Colville Tribal Court. The Colville Business Council held a hearing on June 17, 2021 to review the Complaint as required by Colville Tribal Code section 1-1- 185, at which time Mr. Love was afforded an opportunity to present witnesses and a defense of his actions.

The Colville Business Council reached a decision to disbar Mr. Love after the hearing and a review of all evidence presented. The decision to disbar Mr. Love is effective immediately and is final, pursuant to Colville Tribal Code.

As a result of the disbarment, Mr. Love may not continue to represent clients in Colville Tribal Court. A person Mr. Love represents in a criminal case should contact the Colville Tribal Court immediately to secure new representation. A person Mr. Love represents in a civil case may retain new representation, contact the Colville Tribal Court, or contact the Northwest Justice Project at 1-888-201-1014 for assistance. If any person feels that they were misled or victimized by Mr. Love’s false representation of himself as an attorney, they may contact the Colville Tribes Police Department at (509) 634-2472.

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