In the Tribal Tribune’s Nov. 23 edition’s Special Section, we inadvertently missed a question submitted by Colville Tribal member Sylvia Peasley. This week, we followed up with tribal administration and CBC.

The question: “How many cows were bought under the CCT name and what monies were used to buy them and at what price? How is the cow herd doing ? We see them scattered out in small groups.”

Answer: “The tribe bought 102 cattle, two of which were pregnant cows.  These cattle were purchased using tribal funds.  The prices varied depending on what was purchased, with a range from $0.63/lb. to $1.21/lb.  On average the cattle were $831/head.   The herd did well over the summer and fall, but there were challenges with wandering animals on an unfamiliar range unit.  The cattle are being gathered and sold as they come off range.”

We apologize for the omission and error.

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