INCHELIUM – The Inchelium Forestry District of the Colville Confederated Tribes has opened for a 14-day public review and comment period on an environmental assessment for a forestry project that proposes to harvest 18.5 million board feet of timber from 1,463 acres in the Little Wilmont Creek Project area near Inchelium. The comment period and public review closes, April 23.

The Little Wilmont Creek Project area is located in the Wilmont Creek and Little Wilmont Creek watershed drainages and totals 8,765 acres, according to the public documents.

Along with the harvest of approximately 18.5 MBF of timber from 1,483 acres in the project area, the proposed project includes 228 acres of pre-commercial thinning, 393 of mechanical site preparation and 892 acres of broadcast burning.

The harvest would also require about 10.7 miles of new road construction and approximately 25 miles of road construction.

The annual allowable cut for the Colville Tribes totals 77.1 MBF.

The EA and Finding of No Significant Impact are available at the Omak Public Library, Omak Senior Meal Site, Nespelem Library, Nespelem Senior Meal Site, Keller Library, Keller Senior Meal Site, Inchelium Library and Inchelium Senior Meal Site, as well as on the tribal website at colvilletribes/page3p/.

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