Colville Tribal Air Quality Program releases Air Quality Warning through Friday

We will continue to experience air quality in the Unhealthy to Hazardous conditions through Friday with some improvement over the weekend. Firefighters are gaining control on the Reservation fires with little increase in acreages and new smoke production.

These fires will continue to smolder or flare up inside the containment lines so expect some smoke. Fires in Oregon and California will continue to keep our area smoke filled as the current weather pattern pushes smoke over Eastern Washington.

Omak and Inchelium Districts – expect high smoke concentrations through Friday with some clearing over the weekend with the change in weather. Concentration will continue in the Unhealthy to Very Unhealthy categories.

Nespelem and Keller Districts – levels of smoke may be slightly less than the other districts but not by much. Smoke from Oregon and California will continue to influence these levels through Friday. Expect to see Unhealthy air until we get a weather change.

With the longevity of this smoke in our lives we are changing from an acute to chronic effects on our health. Everyone will be experiencing increased symptoms such as: coughing, trouble breathing, wheezing, asthma attacks, stinging eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, irritated sinuses, headaches, tiredness, chest pain and fast heartbeat. Everyone should minimize your smoke exposure by staying indoors, managing your home and facilities to prevent smoke intrusion, use filters and keep your windows and doors closed.

For resources to minimize smoke in your life check out the Tribal Air Quality Page ( These include guidance on dealing with smoke, Box / Fan Filter construction video and instructions, managing buildings and wearing N95 masks.

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