Steve Gaub, Joanne Turner and Sharon Lowery Received the 2014 Washington Achievement Award in Spokane Washington

Wilbur— On behalf of the Wilbur school district, superintendent Steve Gaub, Keller/Wilbur School Liaison Joanne Turner and k-12 Youth Education Mentor Sharon Lowery recently traveled to Spokane to accept the 2014 Washington Achievement Award.

The achievement award is given in celebration of the state’s top performing schools.

Gaub invited Turner and Lowery in particular as recognition of their efforts in working with students from Keller as well as students from Wilbur. The two have been working together to help students at Wilbur bring their attendance up and become more successful in school.

Turner has been a Keller/Wilbur School Liaison for 10 years.  This is Lowery’s first year working with the Colville Confederated Tribes K-12 Program as a Youth Education Mentor and working with Wilbur School District.

“It has been an honor to work with the wonderful staff at the Wilbur School,” said Lowery. “Working with Joanne Turner has been very exciting and I enjoy working with all the students From the Keller District. I am very proud of all the students’ hard work and efforts to obtain this Award.”

Turner and Lowery have a total of 22 students who are part of the Wilbur School District and would like to thank them all for achieving this award.

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