Prumatico family, Jay and Olivia with son Benjamin. Not pictured is the family's newest edition, 6 week old Logan

NESPELEM- Colville Tribal member Olivia Prumatico turned to the website when she found her family struggling with financial obligations earlier this month.

Her husband Jay Prumatico had to undergo a surgical procedure for an ongoing sinus issue—missing work. The couple’s youngest child was only weeks old.

Gofundme is a crowd-funding platform that allows for monetary contributions from large groups of people via the Internet.

The site brings together people raising money for events ranging from celebrations and graduations to more challenging circumstances such as accidents and illnesses.

Prumatico first heard about the site through a friend who used it to raise money for a honeymoon.  

Olivia lived in Nespelem—then Oliva Clark—until age three when her family moved to Kansas.

They returned to the area around five years later. She was active in soccer and received support from the tribe to keep playing. She graduated from Lewis and Clark High School in 2011 and met Jay later that summer while they were both working at the Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho.

They had their first son, Benjamin, in 2012.

This past January, Jay’s right eye began to swell; he couldn’t see out of it and began experiencing massive headaches. After months visiting four different doctors and undergoing numerous tests, Jay was finally diagnosed with a sinus infection.

While Olivia tells that doctors reported the infection could have been cured had it been caught earlier, by that point antibiotics had no effect. Between the time Jay needed to take off from work due to illness and tests, the family was soon overwhelmed with bills.

Then amidst Jay’s medical issues the couple was blessed with the birth of their second son, Logan on March 29. Supplies for the care of a newborn were added into their growing expenses.

Although reluctant to ask for help, Olivia decided to give gofundme a try. To date, the page has raised $635 toward Jay’s medical expenses, but the Prumaticos are still in need of donations with a goal of at least $2,500.00.

On May 1, Jay was finally able to have surgery to drain the infection from his sinuses. The procedure involved breaking some smaller bones in his nose and drilling into the sinus above his eye.

The family will find out Monday May 18 how well Jay’s recovery is progressing and whether he will need more surgery. Until he is fully recovered, he will be unable to return to his job at Sunshine Minting in Coeur d'Alene.

Olivia said of the donations so far: “Thank you everyone for all the support these past couple of weeks. It means so much to the whole family.”

Those who wish to donate can visit the Prumaticos’ page at

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