Elementary, middle and high school students of Lake Roosevelt get ready to watch the crumbling of a toothpick bridge

COULEE DAM – Now in it’s third year, the Lake Roosevelt Family Fun Night saw a crowd of well over one hundred people from the community come together the evening of April 29.

“I think tonight was a hit. I love it, “said Sean Thin Elk, LR Elementary School Title VII Liaison. “It was fun. We did a lot of different activities. It is kind of just a laid back way to bring the community together.”

Parents were able to participate in a variety of different activities. Some got their blood pumping by taking part in the family badminton tournament, while others chose to bead, making necklaces with Virginia (Genabug) Redstar.

Students had their artwork on display. There was a poetry reading. A few brave students chose to sing songs.

“I think it went well. It was a great way to finish the year,” said Victor Camarena, project coordinator for Step Pipeline to the Future at LR High School.

One of the projects that brought a lot of excitement and energy was the toothpick bridge competition that tested how much weight a bridge of toothpicks can hold before crumbling.

“There is no surviving bridge. They all get destroyed,” said Josh Kelton, a teacher at Lake Roosevelt Junior and Senior High School.

Students were asked to construct a bridge made of toothpicks that went to the maximum and minimum length of 55 centimeters and weighed no more then 90 grams.

“These events have sparked an interest in education and career pursuits,” said LR Title VII Liaison Kim Stanger.

Stanger is also JOM Coordinator and Native Club Advisor.

“This evening is for all the students and their success through out the year. To see the joy in their faces as their parents are there to watch and participate with them it’s really a night for the students to shine,” she concluded. 

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