Inchelium Complex Fires maps

[Inchelium] Three fires actively burning in a mix of timber and brush on the Colville Indian Reservation comprise the Inchelium Complex: the Inchelium Highway Fire, Fry Fire and Kewa Field Fire.  All three fires are being managed for full suppression. The cause of the fires remains under investigation.

Current Situation:  Yesterday, on the Fry Fire, firefighters constructed fire line directly against the burning perimeter on the north, east, and south sides.  On the Inchelium Highway Fire, fire bosses slowed the fire’s spread while dozers constructed line on the majority of the northern flank, up and around to Hall Creek Road.  On the south flank crews worked from the highway and to the west, securing and improving fire lines.  On the Kewa Fields Fire, dozer operations were followed up by hand crew efforts to secure and protect structures. 

Crews remain focused on point protection with an emphasis on structures and natural and cultural resources.  The high demand for firefighting resources continues to be an issue within the region because of the critical fire weather. 

Inchelium Highway Fire (5,453 acres):  Crews will continue to work to reinforce, hold, and secure fire lines on all flanks. Air resources are available should they be needed to support ground forces.

Fry Fire (500 acres):  Efforts will focus on holding and securing the north, east, and south flanks, where fire lines were built directly against the burning edge of the fire.

Kewa Field Fire (8,881 acres):  Fire managers are looking for opportunities to secure the northeast corner.  With aviation resource support and additional heavy equipment, firefighters will be going direct where possible to construct line to the west towards Cougar Canyon.  Work will continue to look for control opportunities on the southwest flank.

Weather and Fire Behavior:  The weather is expected to remain dry and warm to mid 80s through the week, with light winds. Fire behavior should be similar to yesterday with a potential for high intensity flare-ups and group tree torching as the fire moves across slopes and backs downhill.

Road Closures:  The Seyler Valley Road north of Bridge Creek is closed, and Hall Creek Road is closed. Bridge Creek Road remains Open.

Evacuation Information: For the latest evacuation information see updates from Colville Tribal Emergency Operations at

COVID-19:  COVID-19 mitigations are being taken to limit exposure risks to firefighters and the Tribal community per CDC guidelines.  

Quick Facts

Incident Summaries

Inchelium Complex


Size in Acres:




Incident Commander

Eric Knerr

on the fire:

  Crews:                    6

  Engines:               10

  Water Tenders:    3

  Dozers:                   6

  Helicopter:            1




Structure Damage:



Colville Agency

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